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2021– Dotbite, Vienna
2020 Interactive Paper, Vienna
2019 P2 Mattersburg, Vienna
2018– Salt & Wonder, Vienna
2018 Union Wagner, Vienna
2017 Figar, Vienna
2016, Lower Austria


2019–2022 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
2015–2019 Höhere Graphische Bundes-, Lehr und Versuchsanstalt, Vienna


Lara Langner is the founder of Atelier kleinesohr, a design bureau offering branding, printed matter, illustration, photography und interiors. Born 2000 and raised by an artist in the Kunsthaus Unterolberndorf in Lower Austria, the artistic influence is undeniable. Her path started 2015 while taking her graphic and communication design studies in Vienna, which she completed successfully in 2019. When she’s not designing or having tendinitis, her main focus is on painting contemporary art and folding unique lamps.


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